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Sustainability is the capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing way across various domains of life. So, our focus is on showcasing any projects, products, and organizations with much more news around the sustainabilities.

Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

In knowing the difference between, Health and Wellness, in a short-tempered, health is a state of being, while wellness is the element of living a healthy lifestyle. We will bring to your ear top greener living right from; foods to exercise and many other ways that give or provide us a healthy living.

Green Design & Inovation​

Green Design & Innovation

Green design is not solely a method for "3R" (reduce, recycle and reuse), but innovation to meet up greener and healthy standards in many aspects of production that can prevent environmental disruption and wasted resources. GWC Magazine will showcase and promote such services, products, functions, technology, building, and many more.


Environmental influence applies to the immediate effect of socio-economic activities and natural issues. As a lover of the Environment, we will continue bringing you more info on what is going to mother nature.


Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, styles, and orientations of an individual, group, or culture. Living a sustainable life requires you to be someone who believes in an eco-friendly system and makes use of greener resources. On GWC Magazine, we will Celebrate does that identify with that regard.

DIY, How-to


Many wish to live a more sustainable, greener lifestyle but don't know-how or budget. GWC Mag would show people with many proven projects for you to get prepared and tools. Signup to our newsletter to get the most helpful DIY ideas right into your inbox! Includes How-To, and craft projects made with recycled materials, upcycling and creative reuse with eco-friendly ideas.

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