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Want to switch out plastic packaged artificial fragrances? Here’s how.

by gwcmag

So you want to make the switch from plastic packaged artificial fragrances to something natural? Good for you! In doing so you will be avoiding synthetic ingredients that may be harmful to your health, and helping to keep plastic packaging out of landfill and from polluting our environment.

And best of all, making the switch to an natural, plastic free alternative is easy! Here are our top recommendations.

For the car, wardrobe, draws or back of doors: Our Dindi Naturals wax heart on a rope is completely plastic free, and at the end of it’s life can be composted. Pure essential oils are used to create the lovely scents, not artificial fragrances. You can also refresh the scent by scratching the surface of the wax.

In place of plastic reed diffusers: Dindi Naturals reed diffuser is made from concentrated, pure essential plant oils blended with extra-virgin olive oil, and bottled in a square amber glass jar.

For small spaces: Our handmade Banksia aroma pods are another favourite of ours, adding natural charm and a beautiful fragrance to your space. Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the aroma pod and enjoy. These make a great gift for someone special too.



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