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Wardrobe Staples Series – The White Linen Shirt, 3 Ways |

by gwcmag

It’s no surprise that, thanks to fast fashion culture, many people find themselves standing in front of overflowing wardrobes and still declaring “I have nothing to wear!” The push to constantly consume, the fear of being seen in the same outfit twice and the pressure of always wearing the newest trend all contribute to this “more is more” mentality.

One of the best ways to create a sustainable wardrobe is by seeking beautiful, high quality garments that will stand the test of time. Once you have curated a cupboard filled (not over-filled) with items you adore, the next step is getting creative with how you style them. This way, you’re making the most of what you already have, saving your money and respecting the intense amount of materials/labour that go into making a garment in the first place. Think of it as shopping your own wardrobe!

An absolute staple in pretty much any wardrobe would have to be The White Shirt, so we enlisted the help of our Slow Fashion Department Head Leah to demonstrate how to style one of our most popular garments, the Short Sleeve White Shirt from Seaside Tones.

Look One – Layered

Layering a crisp white shirt underneath a simple black dress is an easy way to create a modern and polished office look. Experiment with how you pop the collar or perhaps you want to button it all the way up – there are no rules! Playing around with layering is a great way to mix and match existing pieces in your wardrobe that you may not traditionally have put together, thus expanding your options even more.

Leah has paired the shirt with the Dorsu Relaxed Tank Dress in Black and Veja sneakers (coming soon).

Look Two – The Half Tuck

Nothing says cool and casual like a half-tucked shirt, especially when you’re teaming it with a smart pant or your favourite pair of jeans. The trick to this look is only doing up the buttons to where your shirt meets your bottoms, then leave the rest open and breezy.

Leah has paired the shirt with the Kowtow Atelier Culottes made from organic cotton and Champ Earrings made using recycled aeroplane tyres (available soon).

Look Three – Knot it out

Knotting your favourite shirt or tee is one of the easiest ways to transform your garment and give it a little bit of edge. This look works well when paired with high waisted bottoms such as a wrap skirt or jeans. To dress it down ever further, roll the sleeves of your shirt to give your look a really worn in feel.

Leah has paired the shirt with the Tasi Travels Wilder Wrap Skirt in Moss, made from Tencel.

Show off your style

We love seeing how you style pieces from our Slow Fashion Department, so tag @biomeslowfashion and use the hashtag #biomeslowfashion to win $100 voucher, we have one up for grabs every month!

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