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Cryptocurrency, also known as the new era’s digital currency, is a powerful concept that has overturned the current financial situation of the world’s economies. Hence, it’s the best time to know more about the concept of blockchain and make a huge out of it. To make digital money, you can start or plan your cryptocurrency startup, cryptocurrency trading, or even a crypto blog. All such activities will require you to first have an impressive crypto logo that visually represents your business and brand personality.

Cryptocurrency has altered the way financial transactions were traditionally made. This form of high-tech modern digital currency has eliminated the role of banks to some extent as a conventional intermediary between people and their financial management. So, you may be tempted to enter this field in a hurry without first paying attention to creating a unique blockchain logo (crypto logo).

You need a crypto logo to convey your specific brand message to your target audience. A well-thought-out logo design will help build trust in your brand. But to create a crypto or blockchain logo, first, you should have a look at some logo designs to get inspired. You should find out what elements of colors, fonts, icons, etc. make these logos unique.

Here Is A List Of Blockchain Logos For Your Inspiration

01. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the iconic cryptocurrency from where it all started, and its logo has become synonymous with the crypto world. The blockchain logo design is based on the US dollar sign, and its simplicity overwhelms viewers. It is in bright orange with the B letter of the cryptocurrency name shaped as the dollar.


02. Curve Finance

Curve Finance, a decentralized exchange that runs on Ethereum, makes swapping between stablecoins easier. Its logo is a bright fluorescent design and features all the rainbow colors to represent unity and diversity simultaneously. The colors also look like a heatmap, making it a unique crypto logo in the cryptocurrency world.

Curve Finance

03. MetaMask

A cryptocurrency wallet, users can explore MetaMask when they need to access decentralized applications. This wallet is a way for users to have the Ethereum blockchain on the browser extension. They can also access it on the mobile app.

MetaMask blockchain logo

The MetaMask logo is a 3D animated fox logo in orange and looks like some character from video games. It is a geometric, creative, symmetrical, and fun logo that everyone likes at first glance.

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04. Gnosis

Gnosis is an open-source platform to predict markets and Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges. The Greek word Gnosis means knowledge, and owl symbolizes wisdom and intuition. So, the Gnosis crypto logo uses the owl symbol to create and convey the message of wise blockchain and cryptocurrency decision-making.

Gnosis crypto logo

The graphic designer created this excellent blockchain logo with just a few lines that give shape to a heroic but fierce-looking owl. You can notice sharp eyebrows and a steady but powerful owl gaze as if looking into the future.

05. Uniswap

Uniswap is the fourth largest decentrala unicorn as its logo and chose this character from the world of fantasy to repreized exchange with more than $3 billion worth of assets secured and stored as cryptos. It has sent the values of innocence and purity in transactions.


With this logo, Uniswap conveys the message that the users need not fear any complexity that is otherwise associated with the use of decentralized exchanges. That is why the crypto logo is pink, and the unicorn image is friendly.

06. Aave

Aave is a cryptocurrency and a decentralized marketplace to borrow, lend, and earn interest in digital assets. Note that aave is a Finnish word that means ghost and it represents the marketplace’s mission to create a transparent environment for financial transactions.

Aave blockchain logo

The Aave blockchain logo is designed as a friendly and smiling ghost, contrary to the scary and gloomy images of ghosts. The ghost also represents Aave’s DeFi branding pillars: genuine, friendly, refreshing, incentive, and community.


07. Grayscale

Grayscale is a digital asset management firm that deals with high-net-worth individuals. Only those who can buy $50,000 can access crypto through Grayscale and its BTC shares.


The logo design targets high-end wealthy investors and evokes classic and elegant feelings. The use of line art to shape up the G letter into a box is impressive. The typography used in the design is clean, with each letter standing alone with some distance.

08. Chainlink

Chainlink is another decentralized blockchain network that you can build on Ethereum, allowing you to access real-world data and link it with smart contracts.

Chainlink crypto logo

So, Chainlink gives access to its published external data sources so that other decentralized exchanges and others can use that to analyze the market and predict the trends.

Its crypto logo is in the hexagon shape of a link in a chain, representing the name Chainlink. The digital logo is a simple design in blue to convey the blockchain’s user-friendliness and network.

09. Decentraland

Powered by Ethereum, Decentraland is a virtual reality platform in 3D. It lets the players earn money by exploring the fancy digital real estate that the users create. They make money by trading these real estates using tokens LAND and MANA floated by Decentraland.

Decentraland blockchain logo

The Decentraland blockchain logo looks like a dream with pyramids, moon, and colors being the elements to express the business of creating fantasy lands. It is an artistic, creative and abstract logo design that uses futuristic imagery and is an ideal design for the metaverse.

10. 0x

0x is another decentralized exchange that offers Ethereum-based tokens. Its crypto logo is in the shape of the exchange’s ZRX token, which also looks like a gear-like icon.

crypto logo

It symbolizes the mechanical rotation of tokens amongst the traders. During the rebranding campaign, it removed the word protocol from the logo and reduced it down to simply Ox and the gear icon.

11. Ethereum

Ethereum, a leading open-source platform with its Ether cryptocurrency, is the industry standard. Its logo is a modern design using a combination of a geometrical element and typography.


The minimalist logo is in a diamond shape comprising six triangles. The logo comes in a combination of colors that makes it a 3D image. From another angle, the logo looks like a pyramid with different faces.

12. Litecoin

Litecoin functions more or less the same as Bitcoin does. Its logo design uses the first letter ‘L’ of the brand name and has a line intersecting the letter horizontally but with a slant. The crypto logo on the Litecoin website appears just a thick ‘L’ letter with a slanted line and looks like an impressive image.


13. Ripple

Ripple is a currency exchange and also works as a payment settling and remittance system. Its target customers are banks and payment networks. Its logo is a flat and minimalist blue design with three circuits, which looks like a futuristic design element. Simple sans-serif font and flat illustration make its logo unique and appealing.


14. IOTA

IOTA is another cryptocurrency and an open-source distributed ledger. It lets users store transactions in a direct acyclic graph on its ledger. Its crypto logo design comprises small and big circular dots, making it unique. It uses a minimalist typeface but to keep it in line with industry trends; it uses circular shapes.


15. Flamingo DAO

Flamingo DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Its logo is flamingo with a pencil-shaped beak. The blockchain logo is in pixel graphics art, which represents digital assets. The logo becomes an attractive design for viewers.

Flamingo DAO

16. Nem

Nem is a platform that works as a seamless interface for private and public blockchains. The platform is widely recognized as a smart asset blockchain. Its crypto logo is a combination logo with a trophy shape and the platform’s name. The colorful shield and simple typography

Nem crypto logo

17. Launchpool

Launchpool connects several stakeholders in the blockchain world and advocates for their equality. Its logo has a loop in red and yellow to express the connectivity. But there is also a straight line in the loop, representing the fast-paced blockchain world.


18. Monero

Monero is a decentralized and untraceable cryptocurrency, ensuring that financial transactions are safe and confidential. Its logo is a minimalist design. There are only two elements used to create this simple but unique logo.


First, there is the circle in red and then the company name’s ‘M’ embedded in the circle. The black part of the circle also shapes up like a flower. Overall, the crypto logo conveys its brand message of safe and secure transitions in crypto.

19. Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics is a community platform for Ethereum Network and provides data tools. Its logo is a simple circle divided by red and navy blue colors only. The font style used to create the name is simple, making it a unique design that conveys its brand message.

Dune Analytics

20. ConsenSys

ConsenSys is a blockchain software company offering decentralized applications in Ethereum. Its unique logo is a swirl design with lots of small and big circular dots, indicating the motion and fluidity of the cryptocurrency.

ConsenSys Blockchain Logo

So, these are the top blockchain logo designs that rule 2022. These are inspirational designs that you would like to look at when finding out what unique logos should look like.

Design Your Crypto Logo On Your Own

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  4. You can then pick the right fonts and icons that suit best the personality of your crypto business
  5. Customize the logo as many times as you want to your satisfaction
  6. Download the logo and use it for your business

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Wrapping Up

These are the best blockchain logo designs that are inspirational. Their use of icons, colors, and typography is exemplary. They all successfully convey their cryptocurrency brand’s message and convert viewers into loyal investors.

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