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Chen Liao Hsun has been envisioning a future of renewable energy that individuals can use right at home. His concept, the Wind Cube, would allow each homeowner to install personal wind turbine generators right on the sides of their houses. The Modularized Wind Power Systems could help offset each family’s reliance on grid power, and lower monthly bills.

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Wind Cubes can be installed alone or in groups, easily connecting with other units to create a honeycomb tile pattern. They mount sturdily to unseen exterior walls, or on rooftops, and hook right into a home’s energy network. Each unit can generate 100 watts of power, thanks to retractable blades. When activated, they can cull power from even the most gentle of breezes. In severe weather, the blades retract into the wall mount to prevent breakage.

In actuality, Hsun estimates that each cube unit can generate 21.6 kilowatt hours of electricity per month, which equals around 1/15th of the power needed for a household of four. Combined together, the wind cubes could substantially offset a family’s power usage each month. Although still just a concept, Hsun’s Wind Cubes could take individual renewable energyusage to a new level.  Although he does not estimate that the cubes could account for all of a household’s energy usage, it’s a great way to decrease power from less renewable sources.

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