About GWC Mag.

It is our pleasure to introduce GWC Magazine to you as a product under Green Waste Care.

The Magazine is a specialty publication that primarily focuses on environmental issues, green business, health and lifestyle. The contents of this magazine are meant to increase the readers’ understanding of global and regional environmental sciences, policy and developmental issues that can inspire action towards a better living era.

Green Waste Care is a social enterprise with the aim of leading an innovative waste recycling solutions in Nigeria, and ultimately in Africa. As a “social enterprise” we are committed to proffering innovative and financially sustainable solutions to social problems.

Our objective seeks to promote a ‘GREENER FUTURE’, as we propose using innovative and sustainable solutions to mitigate and manage environmental issues. We have researched into the opportunities posed by the challenges of waste management in the Nigerian environment and developed a variety of solution model to tackle them.

It is to this end that Green Waste Care (GWC) was formed and is now planning to launch a magazine that is a wide range opportunity to reach an intelligent, highly targeted audience of policy makers, educators, corporate organization, students at all level, and individuals interested in the environmental and sustainable living.

The magazine also creates a platform for companies seeking to promote and/or enhance their public image as contributor to cleaner environment and greener future.

We plan to have print magazine, so that it can be circulation. In order to organize this, we require sponsorship from corporate bodies, individuals and institutions.

We should be grateful to receive your sponsorship towards the printing and the launching of our print magazine.

Thanks and Regards,
For: GWC Magazine.

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