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Baby Shower Gifts No One Thinks Of

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You’ve received the baby shower invite, and now the gift-shopping-panic has set in.

Traditional baby shower gifts — think reusable nappies, baby bottles, toys, and swaddle cloths — are popular for a reason; they’re wonderful and useful presents! But there’s something extra special about gifts that are a little outside the box.

This is your comprehensive guide to the baby shower gifts no one thinks of. Read on for our top picks for unique, practical, and thoughtful gifts for the parents-to-be.

The Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts

When it comes to baby showers, you can safely assume that the main nursing and newborn supplies will be accounted for.

Reusable nappies, a baby monitor, a bassinet, and monogrammed onesies will likely be covered, so consider directing your attention to the more forgotten gift areas.

Luxurious gifts for mum and siblings of the newborn are a great place to start!

Other winners are the more niche parenting supplies, such as breast pads, nursing bras, baby wipes, baby food holders, and easy-wearing clothes for the new mum.

A Complete List of Baby Shower Gifts No One Thinks Of

Below, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of baby shower gifts no one thinks of. There’s something for every new parent!

For the Mum-To-Be

New parenthood is a beautiful time — and a stressful, exhausting time!

Gift the special parent-to-be in your life something just for them to relieve some of that pressure; something relaxing, rejuvenating, and perhaps a little indulgent.

SOL Aroma Diffuser – Glass and Bamboo

SOL Aroma Diffuser Glass and Bamboo

The SOL Aroma Diffuser is a luxurious, calming gift for any new parent.

This diffuser is made from bamboo and glass and can create a day spa-like atmosphere with just a few drops of essential oils and some water.

Lavender, bergamot, lemongrass and orange oil have all been proven to reduce stress, so this diffuser, along with a bottle of one of these essential oils, makes for the ultimate therapeutic gift.

Unlike most diffusers on the market, the SOL diffuser is made from sustainable materials and minimal plastics.

The diffuser can be used for up to 8 hours continuously and sets the perfect, calming mood during late-night feeds.

No heatings or chemicals are involved in use.

Est Mint Foot Butter 

Est Olive Oil Mint Foot Butter

Pregnancy can wreak all sorts of havoc on the feet, as can carrying a new bub around all day long.

Surprise the mum-to-be with an indulgent foot butter treatment that soothes and heals worn feet.

This foot butter is 100% free from synthetic chemicals and toxins, so it contains only the good stuff, including peppermint, lavender, and lemon essential oils for stress relief.

Est Mint’s products are made in Melbourne, so you’ll be supporting local businesses, too!

Urbotanica UrbiPod Indoor Garden

Urbotanica UrbiPod Indoor Garden

This wondrous indoor garden is ideal for the green-thumb-mum or food-loving parents who may not have as much spare time to tend to their garden or scour markets for fresh produce.

The Australian-made Urbotanica Pod contains everything they will need to grow fresh herbs and salad in their kitchen, all year around.

Featuring a full-spectrum, commercial-grade LED light with 18/6hr light cycles for optimal growth, plus a self-watering system and inbuilt nutrients, this indoor garden truly has it all.

The kit includes two packs of cress seedlings, and one packet each of parsley, basil, and rocket.

Winestains Wine Glass Stake

Winestains Wine Glass Stake - Two Glass Holder

The Winestains Wine Glass Stake is the perfect gift for mums looking forward to settling in with a glass of wine after a 9-month hiatus.

This gift is perfect for family picnics or beach days with new bubs. The parents-to-be won’t have to worry about juggling a baby in one arm and a wine glass in the other.

These handcrafted, upcycled wine glass holders are made from retired wine barrels. They stake into sand and grass perfectly, allowing for a plastic-free, hands-free picnic.

They’re also biodegradable at the end of their useful life, so they’re a gift for the environment, too!

Buddha Bowls Recipe Book

buddha bowl recipe book

Take the hassle out of cooking for new parents by gifting this book of 50+ buddha bowl recipes.

These recipes are perfect for busy, sleep-deprived parents. Each plant-based recipe combines grains, greens, and proteins that are nutritional, perfectly balanced, and quick and easy to make.

The book features bowl recipes for all meals of the day, so it’s a true one-stop shop for new parents!

Seljak Recycled Wool Fringe Blanket

Seljak Recycled Wool Fringe Blanket - Lune

Baby snuggles on the couch are made much better with a cosy, luxurious blanket.

The Seljak Recycled Wool Fringe Blanket is crafted from yarn spun in Italy from post-consumer waste and recycled fibres. These fibres would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

The gorgeous blanket is soft, lightweight and suitable for use in cold breezes.

Seljak’s blankets are sustainable and ethically made.

The team behind Seljak have donated 284 blankets to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne.

Wooden Massage Brush

wooden massage brush

A bit of self-care goes a long way in the early stages of parenthood, but new parents-to-be often don’t have the time for a lengthy, indulgent bath.

The Wooden Massage Brush is the perfect gift for new parents. The brush is designed for dry body brushing, which has been proven to improve circulation, exfoliation, and lymphatic drainage.

This brush is made from sustainably sourced fibres.

Stroke towards the heart using light strokes. This action promotes blood flow at the surface of the skin. Shower immediately after use to refresh the skin and wash away any dried skin cells.

Forgotten Supplies

The top-of-mind nursing supplies are probably accounted for, but there are a number of forgotten supplies that the parents-to-be will definitely need in their toolkit.

Tamga Designs Elandra Maxi Robe

Tamga Designs Elandra Maxi Robe - Sage

This gorgeous maxi robe is ideal for new mums, especially those who are breastfeeding.

Made from sustainable Ecovero fabric, the Elandra Maxi Robe features half-length sleeves with cut-out underarms for breathability, as well as an open front that is ideal for nursing.

The team behind Tamga are all about creating vibrant, quality clothing from the world’s most sustainable materials, ensuring justice and excellent conditions for every worker along the supply chain.

Each item is crafted using water-saving dyes and plastic-free packaging.

WheatBags Love Linen Luxe Lavender Heat/Cold Pack

WheatBags Love Linen Luxe Lavender Heat Pack - Slate

Wheat bags are a real game-changer for new parents.

The aches and pains that can come with giving birth, breastfeeding, and carrying a new bub around can be difficult to relieve.

Wheat bags are designed to soothe the body with heat or coolness and a stress-relieving aroma.

The WheatBags Love Linen Pack can be used as a cold pack to soothe pain after childbirth or breastfeeding or can be used as a heat pack to provide relief for muscle pain.

This wheat bag was handmade in Melbourne using 100% French flax linen and recyclable packaging. It is also completely biodegradable.

EcoNaps Small Wet Bag

EcoNaps Small Wet Bag - Indigo Pinstripe

The EcoNaps Small Wet Bag is a must-have in the new-baby kit.

It can be used to store soiled reusable nappies and breast pads and comes in especially handy when out and about.

This wet bag is reusable, leak-resistant, and smell-proof. It can be tossed straight into the wash with the rest of the washing and will not fade through washing.

It also features a handy snap-loop handle for easy attachment to a pram or handbag.

Nature’s Child Reusable Baby Wipes

Nature's Child reusable baby wipes (certified organic cotton) 8 pk

Baby wipes are often left off the baby shower gift lift because they’re almost too obvious — but new parents can never have too many baby wipes!

These certified organic cotton wipes are super-soft and reusable, so your gift will be saving the new parents some money in the long run!

These reusable wipes are also safer for little ones as they contain no synthetic chemicals; they feature brushed flannelette cotton on one side and absorbent terry towelling on the other.

Nature’s Child Reusable Wipes are naturally coloured and contain no bleaches or whiteners.

Nature’s Child Nursing Breast Pads

Nature's Child Nursing Breast Pads - Night Time large

Breast pads are an essential item in any new mum’s nursing kit. They are designed to help breastfeeding mums stay comfortable and dry when leaking occurs.

These nighttime pads will keep mum feeling dry during the night. All she needs to do is pop them inside her maternity bra and throw them in the wash once they’re damp.

They are crafted from certified organic cotton, so they’re extra soft and gentle on sensitive skin and nipples.

Glasslock 3-Piece Baby Food Containers

Glasslock 3 Piece Baby Set Rectangle 150ml

Parents-to-be may be surprised at just how many baby food containers they go through in the first few years!

Plastic disposable baby food containers are harmful to the environment and will remain in landfills for hundreds of years before breaking down (if they break down at all!).

These reusable containers are an environmentally-friendly, safer alternative, as they contain no BPA, PVC, or Phthalates.

They’re microwave, fridge, and freezer safe for ease of use, and are crafted from tempered glass which is five times stronger than normal glass.

For Little Siblings

Little siblings of newborns can often feel left out and crave a little extra attention.

Consider including a sibling present in your baby shower gift. This will keep big brothers or sisters-to-be entertained and happy while the parents are busy with the new bub.

EverEarth Ramp Racer

Everearth Ramp Racer

This Eco-friendly ramp racer is suitable for kids 18 months and older, and provides hours of screen-free fun!

The toy can help to build concentration levels and inspire creative play among little ones. It is made with non-toxic paints and FSC-certified wood, reducing the number of plastic toys ending up in landfills.

This will keep a big brother or sister entertained for hours at a time! Supervision is required as small parts may be harmful to small children.

EverEarth Wooden Dinosaur Peg Puzzle

EverEarth Wooden Dinosaur Peg Puzzle

The EverEarth Wooden Dinosaur Peg Puzzle is the perfect gift to keep young siblings occupied while parents are tending to the littlest one.

The puzzle is designed for kids 24 months and older. The activity can help to improve kids’ hand-eye coordination all while teaching them about dinosaurs.

EverEarth’s puzzles are made from 100% sustainable beechwood and contain no harmful chemicals. All dyes used are water-based.

The Baby Animal Book 

baby animal book

The Baby Animal Book is an informative hardback picture book that takes kids on an illustrated journey through the animal kingdom. It teaches little ones all about baby animals.

It’s the perfect gift for new siblings who enjoy reading time.

Origami Tear Off Pad 

Origami Tear Off Pad

For the arts-and-crafts-loving sibling, an Origami book is the ultimate gift.

Little ones can learn all about the basics of the ancient Japanese art of origami and create their very own pieces.

The pad contains 100 sheets of paper and instructions for how to make four designs — trees, boats, swans, and butterflies.

Bush Shack Bush Painting Kit

The creative kid (and busy new parents) will adore the Bush Shack Painting Kit.

Bush Shack Bush Painting Kit

The kit features non-toxic powder paints, a wooden handle paint brush, a paint palette, and paperbark paper. Little ones can enjoy hours of plastic-free, screen-free open play and let their imaginations run wild!

The Best Baby Shower Gifts No One Thinks Of

Now that you’re equipped with a list of unique, thoughtful baby shower gifts, it’s time to get shopping.

You can shop all of the gifts mentioned above, and hundreds more eco-friendly gifts, at Biome.

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