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Biome is Australia’s Top Sustainable Retailer

by gwcmag

Biome has always taken sustainability seriously, and we are very excited to have been recognised for all the hard work we have been doing!

We have just been awarded Australia’s Top Sustainable Retailer award by Power Retail!

What makes Biome Australia’s Top Sustainable Retailer?

Since our beginning in 2003, we have built a reputation as one of Australia’s best trailblazing eco friendly retailers. We were the first retailer to gain B Corp Certification in the country, and remain committed to only selling products that are 100% cruelty free, 100% palm oil free, and free from synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals and fragrances.

We also:

  • Go above and beyond to source the most sustainable, toxin free products for you, including products with minimal or no packaging, or at the very least recyclable or compostable packaging. More here >
  • Believe in buying once for life, and love to source high quality products that replace those everyday items you use, like stainless steel razors and pegs.
  • Offer replacement parts for products wherever possible.
  • Offer bulk and refill options in our stores.
  • Have partnered with Terracycle to provide extensive recycling options for hard to recycle items such as pens and toothpaste tubes. More here >
  • Recycle unusable cardboard boxes for void fill and use paper packaging tape to seal boxes.
  • Have never offered plastic shopping bags in our stores, but we do run a bag deposit scheme where we use your donated paper bags with handles for other customers!
  • All Biome stores are fitted out by either re-purposing materials or sourcing new fixtures made with sustainable and locally made materials. In all store fit-outs, we avoid MDF and PVC such as vinyl and any materials using formaldehyde. We use zero VOC paints, water-saving devices, non-toxic printer inks and BPA-free receipt paper.
  • All Biome locations are fitted out with low energy LED lighting and are powered by 100% GreenPower.
  • Offset the environmental impact of shipping your online parcels by donating to Greening Australia’s Reef Aid program.

Over the last two decades it is safe to say we have been obsessed with finding solutions to environmental problems, scrutinising products to uncover green-washing, hidden toxins, and dubious ingredients, and we take pride in empowering others with the knowledge and access to carefully-vetted choices that actually do make a difference. It is this obsession and careful scrutiny that sets us apart from other eco friendly, zero waste and natural living brands and stores, plus popular department stores and marketplaces selling similar products.

Learn more about Biome here >

Shop at Biome

Shop online at www.biome.com.au or visit one of our many Australian stores. Find them here >

Biome’s vision has always involved putting purpose before profit and to preserve a safe, healthy environment on this wonderous planet for now, and for those who come after us. With a range that includes natural skin care, green cleaning products, eco friendly homewares, sustainable fashion, zero waste solutions and much more, we are sure you will find something that will change your life, and the planet’s!

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