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PALM BEACH, FL, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Your skin is under constant attack.

Just Google what ruins your skin, and you will find countless articles that will make you wonder if you can ever have beautiful, radiant skin again.

Good Housekeeping lists 32 ways to wreak havoc on your skin, such as sleeping with your makeup on, skipping meals, long, hot showers, lack of sleep, chemicals in the water, dirty pillowcases,  and, of course, frowning.

Add to this mixture air pollutants, such as ultraviolet radiation, cigarette smoke, diesel exhaust, acid,  and soot,  all of which are bad for your skin’s health.

There is a way, however, to give your skin the nutrients it needs to combat this onslaught against your skin that will leave you looking fresh, firm, and glowing.

A German pharmaceutical company, R-Pharm, has created Bloom Beauty Essence® which provides day and night protection through a superfood supplement and collagen drink to make your skin radiant.

“Our skin is exposed to air pollutants every day. We live in a society that doesn’t eat healthy foods, or get enough sleep,” said Annette Steiner-Kienzler, product developer and pharmacist for R-Pharm. “Is it any wonder that our skin is malnourished and prematurely aging?”

Steiner-Kienzler said R-Pharm developed Bloom Beauty Essence® products to reduce wrinkles, increase skin resistance and tighten your body’s skin. R-Pharm also realized that your skin’s needs are different during the day and night.

“Our Day Spa provides moisturize your skin needs to protect itself during the day,” she said. “It provides a protective shield  to prevent premature aging.”

Bloom Beauty Essence® Day Spa contains natural antioxidants from guava, amla fruit, and microalgae.

During the night, Bloom Beauty Essence® replenishes lost moisture and luminosity for a radiant complexion in the morning.

Bloom Beauty Essence ® Night Spa naturally rejuvenates your skin by using superfoods, such as pomegranate and gluten-free wheat extracts,” Steiner-Kienzler said.  Pomegranate, which has been used as a “beauty treatment” for centuries, is rich in vitamins E, C, and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Bloom Beauty Essence® Skin Care Drink With Collagen, which provides an extra boost during the day, comes in regular and low-calorie versions.

“Our beverage combines natural antioxidants from black currants with aloe vera, vitamin B3, biotin, and a special, high-quality collagen complex with high bio-availability,” she added.

“With Day Spa, Night Spa and our collagen drink, we created 24-hour protection to give you beautiful and healthier-looking skin,” Steiner-Kienzler said.

Bloom Beauty Essence® Skin Care Drink is available on Walmart.com:

For more information, please visit bloombeauty.de.


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