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Dominate Google Through SEO with Keval

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Ellicott City, MD, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In this day and age, businesses cannot afford to rely solely on Facebook ads – or any one channel for that matter. After the recent debacle with ad tracking, more and more businesses are turning to SEO for an alternative, more-reliable source of traffic and revenue.

That’s where Keval Shah – founder of world-renowned ecommerce SEO agency Inbound Pursuit – comes in.

Meet Keval Shah

It’s no secret that college isn’t for everyone – Keval is one of those people.

After dropping out, he got back to doing what he was passionate about prior to college – online business and driving organic traffic to websites via SEO strategy.

What started as a fun side project growing up quickly blossomed into one of the most sought-after SEO agencies in the world – just in a matter of just a few years.

Taking a look back and comparing his current state to where he was just 4 short years ago is a true testament to what can be accomplished when you get back to the basics, dedicate yourself to becoming the top 1% at what you do, and consistently put in the work to get better.

These days, Keval is taking businesses from the depths of Google search results to top-3

placements through his SEO services and helping them reach levels of profitability they never dreamt of.

“If you’re not investing in SEO in 2021, and instead choose to rely on Facebook ads, TikTok ads, or any other form of paid media – you’re going to run into two problems. For one, you’re entirely dependent on that channel – what happens if that channel changes overnight?”

This is a problem we’ve seen come to light recently, as Apple recently changed the entire landscape of paid advertising. Brands who were seeing profitable ROAS prior to the update are now bleeding money. But that’s not the only issue, according to Keval.

“Even if your ads are fine right now – the second reason brands need to be investing in SEO is to increase profitability. The great thing about SEO is that the cost of implementation generally stays the same throughout the campaign, while your traffic and revenue increases! So, you’re essentially seeing higher and higher profit margins over time. This is a bit different from paid ads, where you’re forced to increase spend to increase revenue.”

This increase in profitability is what has the testimonials flying in. Clients who’ve had the pleasure of working with Keval swear by his services.

Inbound Pursuit: The #1 Ecommerce SEO Agency

One thing that stands out about Inbound Pursuit is how results driven they are, with the primary focus being increasing your bottom line – revenue.

If you’ve worked with an SEO agency in the past, you’ve likely discovered that most of them focus a good portion of their efforts on blog content to pump up traffic numbers.

And that’s where Inbound Pursuit differs from the modern SEO agency.

“We do things differently here: our primary focus is to rank your money pages – these are the pages where your products or services live. By getting these in the top few spots on Google, revenue skyrockets.”

Another thing that sets Inbound Pursuit apart from other agencies is how personalized the campaigns are.

“SEO isn’t one size fits all – but SEO agencies are notorious for applying the same tactics to every site they work on. We’re constantly testing new strategies and pushing the envelope of ‘what works in Google’. This is a huge reason we’ve taken clients onboard who have worked with SEO agencies way bigger than us, but managed to get significantly better results.”

Reach out to Inbound Pursuit to see if you may be a good fit for what Keval and his team do.


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