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The 33rd World Cooperative Congress will be held under the theme: Deepening our Cooperative Identity. The Congress aims to provide an opportunity to look back and validate the cooperative movement’s resilience, leadership and solidarity during times of crisis.

The Congress, which is being organized by the International Cooperative Alliance, will enable the cooperative movement to explore its identity to build a more secure future. Using the current global COVID-19 crisis as a framework, discussions will aim to deepen the cooperative identity by examining its values, strengthening its actions, committing to its principles and living its achievements.

The 2021 Congress will serve as an important forum to:

  • discuss why the cooperative identity, including definition, principles and values, is needed now more than ever;
  • show cooperative resilience by sharing experiences and testimonies; and
  • discuss how cooperatives can significantly contribute to the global economic, social and environmental reconstruction.

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dates: 1-3 December 2021
location: Seoul, Seoul-T’Ukpyolsi, Republic of Korea
www: https://icaworldcoopcongress.coop/

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