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Find, Compare and Buy New Boilers

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Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, Sept. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With so many industries now providing shopping experiences online, it’s almost expected that we’re able to research, consult, buy and book everything digitally. Purchasing new boilers and booking installations is one such area that was behind the times – until now.

Easy Boiler Company have created a game changing online tool that allows customers to not only confidently identify boilers that could be fitted in their homes without the need for expert knowledge or experience, but also compare them against other makes, models, and prices, and book an installation, all online, hassle free.

It’s a revelation for the industry. It means no more uncertainty around what boilers can be fitted in your home, no more phoning gas engineers and arranging inspections and call outs, and no more cash in hand payments. It’s all handled online, through safe, secure, and exceptional boiler comparisons and online payment methods.

Below, we take a look at how the tool from EasyBoilerCompany works, and why it’s a well overdue improvement to the way we can purchase new boilers in the Northeast of England:

How it works:

The online tool from Easy Boiler Company makes finding the right boiler and having it fitted as easy as EBC.

  1. Answer a few simple questions online about your home and provide pictures of your setup
  2. A list of recommended boilers will be provided for you to compare and choose from
  3. Book an installation online once you’ve chosen a boiler that meets your needs and requirements, at a time and date that suits you
  4. Pay online securely (full payment or pay-monthly schemes are available)
  5. Have your new boiler installed by an expert, friendly team of gas engineers
  6. Sign off the installation (the most important part – plus run through the controls)

Buying new boilers online vs offline

Moving the buying process online eliminates much of the hassle and burden for customers. Traditionally, customers would need to have a gas engineer come to their home to evaluate the current configuration, relying on their word when it came to the suitability of options and the affordability of prices. The customer would have to wait for the boiler to be bought and delivered, all before finding a date and time for installation that worked for the gas engineer.

Now, the control is in the customers hands. With this online tool, they don’t need to be a gas engineer to answer the questions in the survey, as guidance is provided throughout, and the ability to upload pictures removes the need for an engineer to visit their home. Multiple options for suitable boilers are provided online in list form, to compare makes, models and prices with ease, and prices are fixed and clear, meaning no uncertainty and no unwelcome bills. Recommendations and advice are provided by EasyBoilerCompany, and customers can securely pay and book an installation online, from the comfort of their own home.

Who are Easy Boiler Company?

Easy Boiler Company is a company that was created by three expert gas engineers who felt that purchasing and installing boilers was a hassle. Customers often didn’t have the expertise or knowledge to understand what boiler they should be installing, and this took the choice away from the customer. They instead had to trust their gas engineer to inspect, evaluate and determine the best option on their behalf. This process was long-winded, often required a call out from the engineer, and this delayed the installation of a boiler when customers needed them most.

Now, Easy Boiler Company are fulfilling their mission of making it easy to purchase new boilers. All of their engineers are Gas Safe registered & OFTEC registered, Licensed Ideal Boiler Installers and Official Worcester Bosch Accredited installers. Manufacturer warranties are provided, finance options are available, you can change the installation date up to 48 hours before the day of the appointment, and there’s plenty of options when it comes to annual servicing and maintenance. It just makes sense.

Need a new boiler? Do it the easy way, with Easy Boiler Company

With an easy-to-use online survey, Easy Boiler Company can offer boilers and plans to suit everybody. Start your quote today by visiting the website.

More information:

At Easy Boiler Company, we want to take the hassle out of buying and installing a new boiler. With a few simple questions, you can be on the way to finding the perfect boiler for you with installation in minutes, all for a fixed price. Buying a new boiler with installation by reliable and experienced Gas Safe boiler engineers has never been easier. Learn more via the website: https://www.easyboilercompany.com/


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