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Indosole slides made from upcycled rubber tyres! |

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Indosole thongs and slides for women and men are the perfect combination of quality, comfort, function, and responsible manufacturing!

Your choice of shoes can tell a lot about you, so show the world you care with a pair of eco-friendly Indosole shoes. This low-impact, B-Corp Certified company has combined both style and sustainability to transform recycled rubber tyres into some seriously life-changing thongs and slides. Not only will they keep your feet comfortably supported all year long, but they won’t mind a few splashes of water and will seriously elevate your style.

Treat those tootsies to a contoured footbed with embedded arch support and enjoy the ease of fully waterproof, light and flexible shoes that are as equally suited to relaxing at home as city strolls. Take your pick from the classic thong, chic slide or Insta-worthy cross slide design, also available in an on-trend platform and in a palette of nature-inspired colours ranging from sea salt white to light soil and leaf green.

Around 1.5 billion tyres are thrown away around the globe every year – either ending up in landfill and becoming a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes or being burned in factories and releasing toxic pollutants. Fortunately, the crew at Indosole has discovered an easy way consumers can be part of the solution. On a trip to Bali back in 2004, company founder Kyle Parsons needed a replacement for a broken plugger and came across a pair of thongs that had been crafted out of tyres by local makers. Instead of allowing the waste to destroy their environment, these clever Indonesian artisans had used a little brain magic to turn literal trash into treasure.

Kyle has since built on that ingenious idea to create an expanded range of men’s and women’s comfortable thongs and slides, while staying true to the company’s key values of conscious consumption and responsible, clean manufacture. The company has repurposed more than 100,000 discarded tyres while minimising its carbon footprint and championing its workers’ rights.

A simple pair of shoes can indeed make a world of difference.

What’s to love about Indosole

  • Comfort – the texture-pressed top-sheet feels beautiful underfoot
  • Waterproof
  • Light and flexible
  • Will mould to your feet with repeated wear
  • Soft cushioning and good arch support
  • Strong webbing tape in the classic thong style means you won’t suffer the infamous ‘plugger blowout’
  • Non-slip footbed
  • Durability for everyday wear
  • Styles for men and women
  • Minimalist designs
  • No fuel-powered machinery
  • No carbon footprint throughout the production process and no chemical run-off
  • Vegan

The Indosole process

Indosole invested years of research and development into creating a process that could both maximise its product output while minimising its environmental impact. This led its lab scientists to develop the company’s own Sole Engineered Tire Technology (SETT), which essentially pulverises existing tyres into a fine powder before resetting them with natural and recycled rubber to form new soles. Every shoe strap is then hand-stitched by Indosole’s in-house tailors.

B Corp certified ‘business for good’

Indosole will help you to walk the sustainable path as it also upholds itself to the highest manufacturing and ethical standards, as proven by their B Corp certification.  The company aims to remain honest and transparent through all tiers of its supply chain, while also respecting animal welfare, land stewardship and Indonesian artisans. Indosole’s values and processes respect value chain sustainability, the benefits of a circular economy and making products that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Buy Indosole shoes online here or phone your nearest Biome store in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Melbourne to check stock availability.

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