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New Ayurvedic Protein Bars Made with Low GI Sugars to Debut

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PALM BEACH, FL, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Retail buyers from large and small chains in the U.S. next month will get to taste Btein Bars, which are high in protein but made with Low GI natural sugars.

Btein Bars will debut at ECRM’s “Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Program,” the retail industry’s version of speed dating. ECRM brings buyers and brands with new products together for private one-on-one meetings. Buyers attending the ECRM event represent regional and national food, drug and mass health chains.

“We are excited that buyers from major retail outlets will learn about our Btein Bars,” said Hema Saran, founder of Atmabala, based in North Carolina, which makes Btein Bars. “We combined nutritional science with ingredients used in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition.”

Saran said Btein Bars, which has all-natural ingredients, contain Ashwagandha, a known stress buster and energy booster.

“The timing of ECRM is perfect because we plan to roll out two protein bars later this year: Chocolate Almond and Almond Coconut,” Saran added.

Atmabala developed the energy bars using Low GI natural sugars to make them healthier alternatives to many products on the market that have high levels of added sugars.

“Diabetes is at epidemic levels in the U.S.,” Saran said. “Not only did we use Low GI natural sugars, but we added Ashwagandha, an ancient healing root that helps relieve stress and boost energy levels.”

Saran said she and her partner, Saran Shanmugam, wanted to develop products to help people stay healthy.

“Our Btein Bars ease stress and boost energy at the same time they help keep your blood sugar levels stable,” Saran added.

Because the bars have Low GI natural sugars, they will not raise your blood sugar levels rapidly. Low glycemic foods help improve cholesterol levels, weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Saran said more than 100 million U.S. adults have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

“People don’t realize how dangerous diabetes can be to your health,” she said. “Diabetes can damage your kidneys, nerves, and lead to amputations and blindness. It is a life-threatening disease that increases your risk for cardiovascular health issues.”

Saran said Btein Bars help keep your blood sugar at healthy levels.

“Btein Bars are great-tasting, healthy energy bars that will give you the boost you need during the day,” she added.

For more information, email pr@nutrapr.com.

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