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New Office Hygiene Infographic from WetKeys Offers Quick

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Atlanta, GA, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As COVID-19 cases rise due to the Delta variant, many offices previously set to reopen have delayed their return date. There is growing concern across industries about maintaining a sterile and safe work environment for employees. In order to ease the concern of office managers and raise awareness about the importance of clean computer tech in offices, WetKeys Washable Keyboards has launched a Clean Your Own Keyboard (CYOK) campaign.

The campaign includes virtual resources to aid offices in mitigating the risk of infection from contact with overlooked surfaces. These resources were created with building managers, IT managers and custodial staff in mind, as they are ideal for helping plan an enhanced sanitation protocol for offices. The infographic helps in providing knowledge about easy steps one can take to reduce the likelihood of infections in the office as well as explaining the long-term benefits of establishing an enhanced cleaning protocol.

WetKeys Marketing Manager, Jonah Stoppel, spoke about the brand’s mission to help improve health and wellbeing in the workplace. “WetKeys has always had the goal of helping businesses reduce their workplace related illnesses. We recognize some businesses are unfamiliar with the need to sanitize and want to call attention to the potential risks of unhygienic work places.  We want to provide improved confidence and security for office reopening plans. This infographic demonstrates our commitment to the continued education of professionals on infection prevention across all industries.”

The infographic is a downloadable PDF booklet available for free on WetKeys’ website. It contains some lesser-known facts about office hygiene and proactive tips managers can take to reduce the risk of infection transmission in their office. You can view the infographic and learn more about WetKeys Washable Keyboards on their website at:

About WetKeys

WetKeys® Washable Keyboards was founded with a focus on function for industrial, institutional, food processing, and general use with easy-to-sanitize products. Later SaniType® Sanitary Typing created affordable, germ-resistant medical keyboards to help prevent cross-contamination, improving patient and staff safety in healthcare facilities and dental offices.

Today, they have over ten unique product lines and are home to the widest selection of sealed, washable computer keyboards and waterproof computer mice. WetKeys® Washable Keyboards is a graduate of the Advanced Technology Development Center of Georgia Tech, a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and a Certified Diversity Supplier. They have been featured on CNBC, NBC’s Today Show, and Fox News. 

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