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Tesla Loves Texas for Battery Production not Grünheide

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In Germany, Tesla continues to focus on battery production says no to Grünheide for now. but wants to prioritise the USA first because of the prospect of extensive US government subsidies. Battery production in Texas is to be ramped up sooner than planned, but in at Giga battery factory in Berlin in Grünheide later than planned.

The article in Germany

Tesla plans further battery factory in Grünheide – Texas has priority GRÜNHEIDE (dpa-AFX)

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla continues to rely on battery production in Germany. However it wants to give priority to the USA. All because of the prospect of extensive subsidies. The company made this clear to partners in the region on Friday, but Tesla did not comment on request.

Biden Anti-Inflation Law

Due to US President Joe Biden’s so-called anti-inflation law. So Tesla wants to ramp up battery production at the Austin (Texas) plant faster than planned. This can be supported from Germany with the delivery of parts and engineers. Ideally, both battery factories would be ramped up as soon as possible. Electric cars have been produced in the car factory. Especially in Grünheide near Berlin since March.

Source: Thanks to Electrive and GRÜNHEIDE (dpa-AFX)

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