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Hungryroot is an online grocery store, food service and meal planning assistant. They focus on healthy, quick and convenient meal options to make planning, shopping and cooking faster and easier. 

Unlike typical meal delivery services, Hungryroot offers per-item grocery store selections too. That means you’ll have everything you need for complete meals delivered to your door, but will be able to add snacks, desserts and additional foods

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Hungryroot caters to all types of dietary preferences and restrictions. In fact, the first step is selecting from food categories. Some categories include vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and/or dairy-free. Although Hungryroot is a delivery subscription service, you can skip a shipment or cancel your subscription at any time.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the Hungryroot service is what you don’t see. The company is heavily reliant on technology to create intuitive and personalized shopping plans for quick and efficient shopping. The same AI works to reduce the company’s environmental impact by optimizing orders so it doesn’t overstock. However, if they do end up with excess produce, they donate to local food banks, non-profit organizations and community fridges. 

Four plates filled with food such as salmon and egg and vegetables

Furthermore, Hungryroot wants to help eliminate food waste in the home. To do so, they send recipes along with ingredients, making it easy for customers to use every item in their box. With 85% of Hungryroot’s groceries being plant-based, the ingredient selections speak to healthy eating and a healthy environment. 

Hungryroot ships all orders in 100% recyclable materials. Additionally, boxes are efficiently packed, keeping chilled items separate from shelf-stable items to reduce the amount of ice required and the number of cardboard boxes needed. Chilled items are packed using Enviro Ice, a non-toxic gel that can be safely poured down any drain. The ice materials can also be converted into plant food.

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