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Attractive images play an essential role in business growth. If you are looking to boost your traffic with creative banners, then you should focus on innovative web banner designs. In this post, we’ve shared the top 5 banner design techniques you should consider to increase your website traffic. Have a look!

Website banner design focuses on the organized creation of compelling banner images by using creative DIY tools such as Designhill Studio. In this article, you’ll learn all the essential information you need to make vibrant web designs. Before that, let’s start with the basics.

What is banner design?

Website banner design is among the most creative works of marketing used in today’s online world. Web banner design is all about making the most clickable banner that can help you grow your online business.

Website banners are the images embedded in the web pages that showcase the products/services. Most brands used them in several forms because banners are a suitable and practical medium to increase your brand awareness.

How to design eye-catchy banners?

Are you running an online business? And you are worried about your graphics. How can you design and develop your website banners that can bring potential clicks?

Designhill banner maker is a well-known tool to design a beautiful website banner without wasting money and time.

Here Are The Tips And Tricks That Can Help You In Banner Designing

01. Use The Most Appropriate Standard Banner Size

As Google AdSense suggest the most successful banner sizes:

  • Leaderboard – 728×90px.
  • Half Page – 300×600px.
  • Medium Rectangle – 300×250px.
  • Large Rectangle – 336×280px

02. Integrate Your Banner Correctly

Apply banner top of the page, where your banner will be featured above the fold and close to the body content of the website page.

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03. Manage Proper Hierarchy

Banner design depends on each banner design’s exact balance, so focus on your hierarchy. Creative design helps to promote your brand and increase the traffic of your website. It has four essential components.

  • Preserve Order : The banner design depends upon the exact balance within each banner image, so concentrate on your hierarchy. Perfect banners are designed to increase brand awareness and increase the traffic of your website. It has three essential components.
  • Company Logo : You should include your company’s logo to build brand awareness. Make sure it is visually prevailing but not as dominant as a call to action.
  • The Value Proposition : It is used to showcase the product you provide and calls attention to it with attractive offers and prices.
  • CTA (Call To Action) : Call to action or CTA is the text button that helps to visit the desired product. You can use different phrases like click to watch, learn more, or get started now.

04. Keep It As Simple As It Could Be

You should keep your visual content simple. For example, customers probably only click on your web banner if it is simple and easy to understand.

05. Make Your Text Correctly Readable

If you are looking to design the website banner? It would help if you kept in mind that whatever you want to display on your banner should be legible and appealing. A well-managed text with an eye-catchy font-style can increase the clicks drastically.

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Designing the banner images is quite a challenging task. Therefore, you need to focus on some crucial points when creating the photos, especially the website banner. We have mentioned above some necessary points you should be aware of about the website banner.

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