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Certificates are kind of milestones to measure the level of knowledge that directly impacts the success of a person. Success is the main objective of everyone in any field. As privatization has increased too much, all of us are well aware of their competitive environment. Now if someone wants to beat the competition, gaining more field-relevant knowledge is the best weapon. And certifications are the proofs that make others believe about it. If you are an organization or any institution looking for beautifully crafted certificate template designs, then in this post, we’ve shared the top 5 options that you can consider in 2021.

Every educational institute has its own specific certificate design. The design includes the details like name of the institute, college or school, details of the degree or course, marks or position obtained & so on. Certificate designs are not used to change regularly. Thus, it does not require dedicated graphic designers. But when it is required to do so, professional design services can be taken into consideration. Also, the best option you can use is Designhill’s certificate template designs. Below we’ve listed the top 5 certificate template designs for 2021.

Here Are The Top 5 Certificate Template Designs For 2021

01. Academic Excellence Award Certificate Template Design

This certificate template design is best suitable for educational achievements. Any degree, diploma and courses certificates can be designed using this certificate template. The colors, text & font used in this certificate is very professional. The elements used in this template design gives it an overall stylish look.

Academic Excellence Award Certificate

02. Certificate Of Participation Template Design

As the name suggests, this template design is suitable for participation certificates. By adding the name, event details, this template provides a very official look. The color schemes can be changed according to the theme of the institute or event organising committee.

Certificate of Participation Template Design

03. Certificate Of Achievement Template Design

This certificate of achievement template design is very elegant. The color theme used in this template is brown; that can be changed according to requirement. Every element can be updated like text size, color font etc.

Certificate of Achievement

04. Class President Leadership Certificate Template Design

If you are looking for the certificate design with vibrant colors, this one is the right choice. Orange and black colors that are used in this design are contrasting to each other. Overall it gives the attractive look to the certificate. It is very easy to customize the certificate template design.

Leadership Certificate Design

05. Academic Excellence Certificate Template Design

This template design is in this list because of the dark color theme. Its dark color theme looks different and unique. This template design is suitable for industries like fashion. This design gives the certificate a royal look.

Leadership Certificate Design

All of its elements are fully customizable very easily. The font color can be changed to increase the visibility as per the contrast with the background. Also if you want to improve the font size, it can be increased or bold is another option.

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Certificates are the proof of achievements. A person can be successful through the steps named certifications. These are very special for every person. Therefore it is important to make these assets look professional and elegant so that it remains in the memory of everyone forever.

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