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Events and occasions are celebrated in every corner of the world. Whatever the reason is, the happy moments are liked to be celebrated in the form of parties & functions. As many preparation processes take place while organizing the events and parties, sending invitations is one of the most important among them. In this post, we’ve shared the top 5 invitation template designs you can use in 2021.

Designing an Invitation card is a very interesting task. There are thousands of color and font combinations available. But designing an invitation card from scratch is a bit of a difficult task. To solve this problem, an invitation template design is the best alternative. There are several platforms available where invitation template designs are available to create amazing invitations just in a few minutes.

Here Are The Top 5 Invitation Template Designs For 2021

01. Family Function Invitation Card Design Template

This beautiful invitation template design is for inviting relatives and friends on the special occasion of a wedding or reception ceremony. The best thing about this invitation template is the usage of contrasting colors that suit brilliantly with each other. So, if you are looking to design an invitation for such an event, it is a good option.

Family Function Invitation Card Design

02. Party Invitation Card Design Template

This bowling party invitation template is designed specifically for such an event. You can add the logo or text of your choice in a few clicks. Anyone can get the idea easily about the type of event by just looking at it. Just edit the elements like color and text and start inviting.

Bowling Party Invitation Template

03. Back To School Invitation Template Design

This invitation template design is a bit different. Because it is not an invitation for any event or occasion, but it is asking to come for admissions in an educational institute, school, or college; whatever is suitable. Just add the logo, update the text & font as you like, colors as per the color theme of the school and that’s it. It also has the space to add your contact details like contact number, email id, etc.

Back To School Invitation Design

04. Birthday Party Invitation Template Design

Birthdays are the yearly events that every person waits for. It is a special day when parties are organized and friends and relatives are invited. On this special day, everyone wants specially designed birthday party invitations as well. For this, the birthday party invitation template provides what is required for it.

Birthday Invitation

05. Wedding Invitation Card Design Template

Wedding events are one of the most memorable events of life. When we ask someone about the best moments of his life, marriage is surely part of such lifetime moments. Wedding invitation cards are considered among the most decorated ones.

Wedding Invitation Card Design Template

And to provide such attractiveness to invitation cards, the pre-designed templates are available for customization. Using these template designs, anyone can create a designer wedding card in minutes.

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Invitations are kind of gestures of love and respect toward others. And involving others in our happy moments of life. Invitations design templates make the task of designing amazing invitations much easier. Just explore the online platforms like Designhill Studio that provide a wide range of such invitation template designs.

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