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COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                                                                    

No. 101/2021

Tvis, 6 September 2021

Transactions in connection with share buy-back programme

As mentioned in announcement no. 77/2021, TCM Group A/S (”TCM Group” or ”the Company”) has initiated a share buy-back programme which will run from 26 April 2021 until 11 March 2022. During this period, the Company will buy own shares for up to a maximum of DKK 100 million under the programme.

The share buyback has been set up and structured in accordance with the safe harbour rules in art. 5 of the Market Abuse Regulation and the European Commission Regulation 1052/2016 of 8 March 2016.

The following transactions have been executed during the period 30 August – 3 September 2021:

Date No. of shares Average price (DKK) Total value (DKK)
Accumulated, last announcement 331,538   52,549,097
30 August 2021 638 160.78 102,578
31 August 2021 1,000 162.08 162,080
1 September 2021 1,000 161.00 161,000
2 September 2021 1,000 159.87 159,870
3 September 2021 5,000 160.47 802,350
Total 8,638   1,387,878
Accumulated under the programme 340,176   52,936,975

Following these transactions, TCM Group A/S holds 625,890 shares as treasury shares, corresponding to 6,3 percent of the Company’s total share capital.

An overview showing the transaction data for the period 30 August – 3 September 2021 is enclosed.

For further information please contact:
Torben Paulin, CEO, TCM Group A/S, +45 21 21 04 64

About TCM Group

TCM Group is Scandinavia’s third largest manufacturer of kitchens and furniture for bathrooms and storage. The products are designed and produced in Denmark and rooted in a proud tradition of good quality and good craftsmanship. TCM Group pursues a multi-brand strategy, under which the main brand is Svane Køkkenet and the other brands are Tvis Køkkener and Nettoline. Combined, the brands cater for the entire price spectrum, and are sold through c. 140 dealers in Denmark and the rest of the Scandinavia. TCM Group sells private label kitchens through DIY stores in Denmark and independent kitchen stores in Norway. TCM Group is supplier to the 45% owned e-commerce kitchen business Celebert, which operates under the brands kitchn.dk, billigskabe.dk, Celebert and Just Woods. See www.tcmgroup.dk for more information.

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