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VEJA Vegan Sneakers Made From Corn Leather

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Sneakers are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. They are a practical, comfortable and stylish option for virtually any occasion. We can thank the athletes, hip-hop artists, off-duty models and fashion icons for bringing the sneaker into the mainstream and becoming an acceptable part of an everyday outfit. 

We will be eternally grateful to the sneaker for its ability to be comfortable and look stylish. However, here at Biome, we like to dig a little deeper, so we will be looking into vegan leather in today’s blog. 

Are vegan leather sneakers sustainable?

While traditional leather shoes are made from animal skin, vegan leathers offer an alternative choice using vegan materials such as synthetic leather. The demand for vegan leather accessories is rising, which we love to see! 

But unfortunately, it’s so often the case that faux leather sneakers designed to appeal to vegans and eco friendly folk are designed using P.V.C. and other unsustainable fabrics and materials. Sometimes manufacturers will use recycled plastic bottles and other materials, but there are still issues with biodegradability. 

Brands from all over the world have been creating “vegan leather” products out of plastic alternatives to leather. 

Although the vegan community, of course, appreciates this as a cruelty-free alternative, the sustainability box is left unticked. With the breakdown of these synthetic fabrics being thousands of years, the impact on our planet is one worth considering for your next vegan leather sneaker purchase. 

Is it the case that vegan leather has to use plastic and non-sustainable materials? 

There is no reason to lose all hope in an environmentally friendly product that is also suitable for vegans. Not all vegan products are made with synthetics and harmful chemicals. Some vegan leather shoes are considered sustainable, and some contain biodegradable elements; that’s when VEJA and corn leather enter the conversation. 

The founders at VEJA didn’t see replacing leather with plastic as a sustainable move forward, and they wanted to find a non-toxic process to create their vegan leather sneakers. 

What about VEJA’s vegan sneakers? What is corn faux leather?

VEJA is a brand that has been working outside of the box for 15 years, and it’s no surprise that their vegan alternative used in their new range of shoes is innovative. When pondering the question of finding an alternative to animal-based leather, the team at VEJA have searched long and hard to find a quality, durable material to replace real leather. 

VEJA understands that their customer’s value craftsmanship and style, and they don’t want to disregard a good-looking and functional shoe when searching for sustainable materials. 

VEJA’s new vegan leather shoes look identical to a real leather sneaker, but these stylish sneakers have a little secret up their sleeves; Corn leather. The VEJA vegan leather sneaker is created from a process where the canvas base has been waxed using a solution made from 50 per cent corn waste leftover from the food industry. (C.W.L. – Corn Waste Leather). In addition, VEJA has designed the shoe’s outer using clean and bio-based materials while maintaining a leather-like appearance. 

The natural process has not affected the durability or quality of the shoe whatsoever. Corn leather is actually believed to be stronger than real leather, and it will be easier for new shoe owners to clean and upkeep their vegan leather shoes. 

VEJA continues to prove through their designs that it’s possible to work outside the box and find innovative solutions to the problems of unsustainable practices that surround the fashion world. 

Is corn leather waterproof? 

In a conversation on the VEJA vegan leather range with the Luna Journal, VEJA’s co-founder, Sébastian Kopp, says about the new C.W.L. (corn-waste leather) shoes. “The C.W.L. has a long service life, is waterproof and very resistant. It is also less rigid and more comfortable than leather.” 

While vegan leather is still a relatively new material, brands like VEJA produce innovative vegan leather, bringing the technology forward to provide a comparable eco-friendly product to traditional animal leather. In addition, VEJA tests its designs to ensure its faux leather products are equivalent in functionality to real leather designs. 

Which VEJA sneakers are made using corn waste? 

Veja’s URCA and V-10 range have a corn waste vegan leather upper material. The UCRA and the v-10 range are everyday styles. So we encourage opting for these VEJA vegan shoes as an everyday stylish alternative. Plus, with real leather’s identical appearance, the styling options are endless for these corn leather shoes.

Which other VEJA shoes are vegan? 

Here at Biome, we only stock the VEJA vegan range of sneakers, which means you can shop our range without having to check the fine details; we have done that for you! We pride ourselves on bringing sustainable options made from environmentally friendly materials to the fashion market.

However, not all VEJA shoes stocked at Biome are vegan leather designs; some are made from organic cotton or recycled materials. The critical point is they are all 100% vegan. So let’s break down our faux leather and vegan options.

Nova canvas sneakers

We are introducing the Nova canvas range made using organic cotton. The Nova collection was launched in 2019 as an everyday pair of shoes. While the outer is made from 100% organic cotton, the sole is made from a wild rubber that has been sustainably sourced from the Amazonian Forest. The lining of this shoe is 64% bio-based and recycled. They are again using innovative materials such as 34% sugar cane, 11% Amazonian rubber, 11% organic cotton (lining) 8% recycled E.V.A. (ethylene vinyl acetate). The shoelaces on the Nova collection are 100% organic cotton. These VEJA sneakers are durable and long-lasting without sacrificing the environment.

CONDOR sneakers

These sneakers are for the sporty amongst us. These sneakers are a very lightweight sneaker made for when you are on the move, featuring a breathable upper mesh. They are created from 100% recycled plastic bottles for the upper material and lining. True to VEJA’s biodegradable construction process, you can find materials such as Ricinus oil, banana oil, rice waste and natural latex in the makeup of the shoe.

VEJA’s SDU-RT and SDU-REC sneakers 

The SDU-RT and SDU-REC range feature a 100% recycled polyester upper material on the shoes. The panels on the SDU-RT are made in T.P.U. and vegan suede. These sneakers have a really fun vintage-inspired style. They are a great fashionable option for regular wear and versatile styling options.

So explore our range of VEJA vegan shoes and find a pair that you will cherish for years to come!

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