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Where Members Can Grow Spiritually and

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Glendale, CA, Sept. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Os.me is an internet start-up that is focused on helping people find their hidden potential. In many cases, that potential is hindered by social conditioning, difficult circumstances, and confusion.

This start-up was founded by Om Swami, an extraordinary monk, who took a vow of truth. Now, his goal is to help os.me members “Discover Their Truth.”

Os.me members discover that “truth” through their thoughts, behaviors, and their interactions with others. Os.me has created a kind and encouraging environment where everyone can speak their truth without any concerns about being judged.

Introducing the Os.me Karma Program

The os.me online community is building “the kindest & most truthful corner on the Internet.” The flagship program of the company is the os.me Karma Program, where the platform pays its members to write posts and even interact on the website through comments. Both free and premium members can participate in this program.

The Karma program was launched in 2020, shortly after the COVID-19 lockdown. Om Swami, the founder of os.me states, “Many took to the online world during the lockdown and I wanted to give them a positive and productive reason to be there.” He adds, “I find writing highly involving and evolving so this was a gift from me to anyone who wanted it.”

Om Swami publishes insightful articles on a bi-weekly basis. These articles are written with a combination of his own inimitable style full of humor and practical advice for self-development. A recent study shows that over 90% of Os.me members report that they’ve gained wisdom from Om Swami’s insightful articles.

Os.me members also get an opportunity to publish their own articles on os.me. They write about their transformational personal experiences that inspire, move and motivate other members. This has been running since the karma program started last year. Now, it has over 4,000 members’ blogs! And the blog has already distributed over $20,000 in less than a year under the karma program.

Many os.me members have shared personal experiences about battling depression or dealing with personal crises and they have found support. People share deeply personal stories, mindful living hacks, and just about anything. At the moment, the community has entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, journalists, published authors, monks and more, from all over the world.

Medha Shri, the os.me Editor in Chief, states, “You don’t have to be a great writer, just a compassionate writer to become part of the community and benefit from ‘write and earn’ os.me Karma Program.”

The Os.me Karma Program is Troll-Free

The platform strives to be an absolute troll-free zone. The karma program has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cyberbullying and trolling. While anyone can become a free member of the community, only premium members can engage with the content.

Om Swami explains this perfectly, he states, “There are enough places on the web where people are hurtful and insensitive, so it was an absolute necessity for me to ensure os.me always remain a safe, kind and truthful space on the internet.”

Os.me is a global online community of people from all walks of life. If you are seeking your truth, you may find many like-minded individuals and practical advice to discover your hidden potential.

Many people find the os.me online community therapeutic. And they’ve shared their battles with a compassionate community during difficult periods of their life.

Features of the Os.me Karma Program:

  1. Os.me pays people to write posts and comments on their website.
  2. Each post and every comment generates some Karma points, which are deposited in the community member’s account.
  3. Every month, these points get converted into Karma earnings, which the member can withdraw once they have at least $50 in their Karma Balance.



Founded by Om Swami, the mission of os.me is to create the kindest and the most truthful corner on the internet. It is a troll-free community of seekers wanting to make spiritual progress or tap their hidden potential. The community extends support, suggests solutions and hacks. Om Swami – OS.ME founder – shares his invaluable insights on the website, twice a month.

Websites: OS.ME Online Community & More about Om Swami


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